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  • Ankle Impingement

    Ankle Impingement pic

    Ankle impingement is the painful limitation of movement of the ankle due to an abnormality in the soft tissue or bone.

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  • Ankle Sprain

    Ankle Sprain pic

    An ankle sprain is a common injury that occurs when you suddenly fall or twist the ankle joint, or when you land your foot...

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  • Achilles Tendon Rupture

    Achilles Tendon Rupture pic

    The Achilles tendon ruptures most often in athletes participating in sports that involve running, pivoting and jumping.

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  • Plantar Fasciitis

    Plantar Fasciitis pic

    Plantar fasciitis is a condition where the plantar fascia becomes inflamed from overstretching or overuse, causing...

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  • Ankle Fractures

    Ankle Fractures pic

    An ankle fracture is a painful condition where there is a break in one or more bones forming the ankle joint.

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  • Ankle Instability

    Ankle Instability pic

    Ankle instability is a chronic condition characterized by a recurrent slipping of the outer side of the ankle.

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  • Ankle Pain

    Ankle Pain pic

    Ankle pain refers to any form of pain or discomfort affecting the ankle joint.

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  • Heel Fractures

    Heel Fractures pic

    A heel fracture is a break in the heel bone due to trauma or various disease conditions.

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  • Ankle Dislocation

    Ankle Dislocation pic

    Ankle dislocation is a condition that occurs when the bones of the lower leg called the fibula and tibia get separated...

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