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    "Dr Eilers was excellent in all aspects of the visit!!! He provided great info on injury, answered all questions, took his time, and had a very kind, c..."

    ~ Jill M Porter ~

  • Healthgrades 479215Healthgrades

    "Dr. Eilers was able to review my issues, come up with a course of action and options, then explain all of this in a quick, understandable way. He was ..."

    ~ Brandon D ~

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    "Great visit with Dr. Eilers! He listens, explains well, and is kind. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for an orthopedist! "

    ~ Self-verified Patient ~

  • Healthgrades 479184Healthgrades

    "My son and I, visited Dr.Eilers went very well. This was our first visit with him regarding my son sports injury. He was very direct and personable. I..."

    ~ Christopher Ross ~

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